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The Kingsley Tennis Centre was the venue for the final fixture of the Premier Pickleball League. 

It was the first time the PPL ran pro Clinics and there was also a PPL Festival organised by SB Pickleball and the Spicy Pickleball Academy.


The first match on Centre Court was The Pickleball Store V Scan. After all matches were played it was 3-3 and a dream breaker was required to separate the teams. The Pickleball Store, Captained by Thaddea Lock, came through 21-17, which confirmed The Pickleball Store League Winners.

Team PicklePlay, quietly went around their business and won both of their fixtures against Advanced Pickleball and SB Pickleball, on dreambreakers, to clinch 2nd place in the league and this awarded them a bye in the knockouts!

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