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Meet the Team Sponsors


Pickleplay is an app designed to help pickleball players find courts and players in your area. They have a huge number of users in the United States and an ever increasing user base in Europe.
Download the app to play more pickleball near you!


SCAN is an electronics company located in Bolton providing a wide range of services and products to a variety of customers. Many players will have met Nisha and Andrew from SCAN at the English Nationals.

Sam Basford Pickleball

SB pickleball is set up by Sam Basford to grow pickleball across the UK. Sam is one of the well respected and loved members of the English pickleball family. Sam has already organised some huge pickleball events including being the co-tournament director at the English Open!!
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The Pickleball Store

The Pickleball Store was set up by Lloyd Attrill with the intention of growing the sport across the UK, a goal that resonates with all of us! They stock a wide variety of paddles and equipment.
For all your pickleballing needs please visit


RAQT is the official platform for the Premier Pickleball League
An app designed by a team of Swedish entrepreneurs. The platform will allow us to live stream the games, plan our fixtures efficiently and give rankings of individual player performance as well as overall team league standings.


Advanced Pickleball

Advanced Pickleball was set up by Rob Williams to help him reach more people with his coaching. Rob is an IPTPA Level 2 Coach and an absolute pickleball fanatic. Rob coaches at a number of different clubs in the south of England is a key person in spreading the word of pickleball!

Meet The Captains

Meet the Teams

PicklePlay Logo
Louis Laville
Anty Giuliano
Sabrina Edwards-Pereira
Guy Laville
Tom Turney
Emily Jelly
Freddie Powell
Julie McCauley
Bonita Baker
Anthony McElvaine
Hermione Baxter-Chinery
Tom Corfield
Sam Basford Pickleball
Pei-Chuan Kao
Sam Basford
Peter Hitchman
Nikki Withers
Megha Kapoor
James Hall
The Pickleball Store
Thaddea Lock
Pep Giuliano
Suzanne Rouse
Bernie Audibert
Emerson Gregory
Emma Wrixon
James Chaudry
Jess Wilson
Jamie Basford
Maisie Wise
Mercedes Baxter-Chinery
Daniel Wren
Advanced Pickleball
Mollie Kubrick-Finney
Ed Hares
Stuart Parminter
James Salter
Natalia Novikova
Jang Evans
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