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Franklin Premier Pickleball League Champions: RAQT Win The Evelina Trophy

Season 1 of the Franklin Premier Pickleball League concluded in spectacular fashion with Jess Wilson striking a fantastic backhand cross court to force the error, winning the final for Team RAQT.

The Finale was hosted at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre (an Olympic Venue), with a professional streaming service being run by Optical Media and was streamed live to Tennis Channel and RAQT!

Team RAQT, Captained by James Chaudry with his team Jess Wilson (VC), Daniel Wren, Mercedes Baxter-Chinery, Jamie Basford (not pictured) and Maisie Wise (not pictured) battled from 5th place in the league standings to come through and win the playoffs!

The Champions (pictured) beat Team PicklePlay in a great final, winning 4-1!

The Quarter Finals

The morning began with RAQT taking on SB Pickleball and Advanced Pickleball taking on SCAN in the quarter finals.

The Pickleball Store and PicklePlay received byes to the Semi Finals after their 1st and 2nd place respective league finishes.

RAQT got off to a flier, beating SB Pickleball 4-2 in a thoroughly entertaining fixture.

SCAN started extremely strongly as well, beating Advanced Pickleball 4-2. This result was extremely strong, especially as their Captain, Freddie Powell, was unable to compete for his side due to a recent foot injury at the APP Miami Open.

These results led to RAQT playing The Pickleball Store in one Semi Final and SCAN playing PicklePlay in the other Semi Final.

The Semi Finals

PicklePlay started well, winning Men's Singles in straight sets, however SCAN came back strongly, winning Women's Doubles with relative ease. PicklePlay came through strong, winning the next three disciplines - Mixed Doubles, Men's Doubles and Women's Singles, to win the fixture 4-1 and advance to the Final!

RAQT vs The Pickleball Store was arguably match of the day. Both Team Captains (James Chaudry and Thaddea Lock) won all three matches, meaning we had our first and only Dreambreaker of the day.

Following a phenomenal dreambreaker with some fantastic winners, RAQT came through 21-13 to advance to the final!

The Final

Men's Singles began with 2023 National Champion (James) vs 2023 European Champion (Louis) and it did not disappoint. James continued his singles dominance which he has shown so prominently all over the world in recent tournaments, beating Louis in straight sets.

The Women's Doubles followed suit with Jess Wilson and Mercedes Baxter-Chinery beating Anty Giuliano and Sabrina Edwards Pereira.

PicklePlay mounted a comeback, with Emily Jelly and Louis beating James and Jess in straight sets.

RAQT showed their true class to halt this comeback by putting on a phenomenal display in the Men's Doubles, with Daniel Wren and James beating Louis and Guy Laville comfortably.

RAQT were crowned champions after Jess beat Emily in a great Women's Singles game. The team spirit was in full flow with Captain and Vice, James and Jess embracing with the rest of their team to celebrate the victory!

Overall Results

CHAMPIONS: RAQT Captained by James Chaudry

RUNNERS UP: PICKLEPLAY Captained by Louis Laville


FOURTH PLACE: SCAN Captained by Freddie Powell


SIXTH PLACES: SB PICKLEBALL Captained by Pei-Chuan Kao

Fantasy Pickleball

The Franklin Premier Pickleball League also were partnering with Fans Play for the finale, running a fantasy team event!

All competing players were added and anyone could select a team of four to reach the top of the Fantasy rankings.

Points were gained for hitting winners, winning matches, winning hands battles but lost for unforced errors and losing matches!

Daniel Wren (pictured) was the eventual winner, who also selected himself as a part of his fantasy team!

Thank you to Aman Grover for attending the event on behalf of Fans Play!

Season 1 concluded in phenomenal fashion and Season 2 is going to be even more exciting!

Sign up for the Franklin Premier Pickleball League Season 2 Draft here!

Written by PPL Director Louis Laville

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